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 Air Entraining Agents
Air Entraining Agents

Chemical Air Entraining Agent


Air entraining agent are admixtures that, after being added to the mixture, by affecting the surface tension forces of water, create a homogeneous texture of wide, deliberate and discontinuous microbubbles in concrete, mortar or cement paste. With aerating admixture, in fact, the air content of concrete is intentionally increased by the formation and stabilization of small and controlled air bubbles, and unlike gas-generating additives, no gas appears due to chemical reactions in concrete. This additive is mainly used to increase the durability of concrete against the destructive effects caused by repeated cycles of melting and freezing and the penetration of special melting salts. In addition, the presence of small bubbles throughout will lead to the lightening of the element and will also create a suitable thermal insulation. The diameter of these intentional bubbles is smaller than the size of trapped and unwanted bubbles inside the concrete and is mostly between 10 and 100 microns.

Air Entraining Agent

Air entraining agent of parsman chemical series product.


Air entraining agent of parsman chemical series products