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Liquid foaming agent (For foamed concrete)
Liquid foaming agent (For foamed concrete)
Foaming Agent
Foaming Agent

Foaming Agent

Nowadays, the lightening of structural and non-structural elements in the construction industry is very important due to the risks caused by the weight and destruction of heavy elements due to earthquakes. Therefore, the use of concretes, mortars and light grouts is growing, especially in the construction of non-structural elements. Relying on the experience and technical support of its research and development unit, Parsman sazeh construction company, in addition to producing other products in the field of construction chemistry, produces various types of aerating and foaming products in order to improve the quality and safety in the country’s construction industry. The group of products developed in this field is offered under the brand name Foamix and is used to make concrete foam and all light elements. The use of this group of products, in addition to a significant reduction in specific weight, leads to an increase in resistance to ice and melt cycles and significantly improves the sound and heat insulation performance of the desired element.

These foaming products, which are called concrete foam liquid, are an optimized and modified mixture based on anionic surfactants, which, after dilution with water and compressed air, turn into a stable foam with very small bubbles. The diameter of the resulting bubbles is between 0.1 and 1 mm and creates a porous and homogeneous structure in the form of a creamy foam when mixed with concrete. The stability of the created bubbles is such that the strength of concrete is acceptable and prevents any shrinkage caused by drying and settling of concrete.

Parsman Chemical liquid foam concrete products® Parsman Chemichal

Modified foam concrete liquid additive


Liquid chemical additive for foam concrete with very high performance


High performance foam concrete liquid chemical additive