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درباره شرکت خانه‌سازی پارسمان‌ سازه

شرکت خانه‌سازی پارسمان‌سازه (بخش پارسمان شیمی) با بیش از یک دهه فعالیت در حوزه صنعت ساختمـان، با تکیه بر تجــربه و دانش فنی کارشناسان خود، همواره شرکتی پیشرو در راستای ارتقا کیفی صنعت ساخت و ساز بوده است. گروه پارسمان به عنوان مجموعه‌ای فنی و تخصصی در دو واحد پارسمان ‏کوبیاکس ایران (مالک انحصــــــاری تکنولوژی کوبیاکس در ایـران ) و پارسمان شیمی ساختمان ایجاد گردیده است. در راستای توسعه فعالیت گروه پارسمان و با تکیه بر مطالعات انجـام شده در بخش تحقیق و توسعه، واحد پارسمان شیمی ساختمان در سال 1394 با هدف ارتقــا کیفی صنعت ساخت و ساز تاسیس شد. با توجه به نگاه دانش محور گروه پارسمـــــان، پارسمان شیمی ساختمان به عنوان واحدی فنی و مهندسی در حوزه محصولات شیمیایی مورد استفاده در صنعت ساختمــان فعالیت دارد. پارسمان شیمی با تکیه بر تجربه و دانش از یک سو وارتبـاط مناسب با مراجع فنی و دانشگاهی و کشورهای پیشرفته و صاحب تکنولوژی از سویی دیگر، سعی در ارائه بهترین پاسخ به نیازهای این حوزه دارد.

About Parsman Saze Construction Company

Parsman Sazeh Construction Company, with more than a decade of activity in the field of construction industry, relying on the experience and technical knowledge of its experts, has always been a leading company in order to improve the quality of the construction industry. Parsman group as a technical and specialized complex in four units of Parsman Construction (design, execution and supervision of reinforced concrete structures) Cobiax of Iran(exclusive owner of Cobiax technology in Iran) Parsman Waffle (with the aim of designing, manufacturing and executing concrete  Waffle slab) and Parsman Chemical construction is active. In order to develop the activity of Parsman group and relying on the studuies conducted in the research and development department, parsman construction chimical department was established in 2015 with the aim of improving the quality of the construction industry. According to the knowledge-based view of Parsman group, parsman construction chemical operates as a technical and engineering department in the field of chemical products used in the construction industry. Relying on experience and knowledge on the one hand and proper communication with technical and academic references and advanced and technology-owning countries on the other hand, this department tries to provide the best answer to the technical requiers of its users.

The main aim of Parsman Construction Chemical activity is summarized in the following three parts:

1) Identifying the technical demands of the construction chemical industry.

2) Supply and production of quality construction chemical products based on  modern technologies in the world.

3) Providing specialized and technical advice based on years of experience, knowledge and communicate with the excellent scietific centers.


Using the latest techniques and laboratory facilities in the world, parsman chemical has begun to produce concrete additives, including

plasticizer products, super-plasticizer products, normal plasticizers and concrete setting time control products. Parsman chemical is ready to produce more specialized products based on the needs and conditions of executive projects to meet the needs of the construction industry and bring maximum satisfaction to consumers. Parsman chemical’s group of super water-reducing concrete admixtures includes the new generation of polycarboxylate-based plasticizers and super-plasticizers, which are classified and formulated for use in different temperature conditions and climates.


تولید کننده افزودنی های بتن -پارسمان شیمی

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Parsman group

Parsman Chemical products, which are provided with Fluentis code, can be used in medium and high strength categories of concrete and lead to an increase in the efficiency of fresh concrete. These products increase the strength of concrete and reduce its permeability against factors such as chlorine and sulfate due to their high ability to reduce the amount of water and as a result reduce the amount of water to cement. The variety of this category of products gives the operators and users the opportunity to make the most suitable and optimal choice with Parsman Shimi according to the temperature and weather conditions, the details and the volume of the project. Parsman Shimi’s long-hardening products group improves the mechanical properties of concrete by controlling setting time and creating efficiency. This product makes it easier to pour concrete and polish surfaces by creating a controlled delay in its involvement with mortar and concrete and preventing its hardening. The use of this product is recommended for concreting in hot temperature conditions, bulk concreting and transporting or storing fresh concrete for a long time.

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