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Concrete waterproofing supplement

The FineGel series of products include super-concrete waterproofing admixtures that are specifically formulated to react with the pore structures of concrete with their crystallizing and unifying properties. These products, while improving the rheological characteristics of fresh concrete, i.e. consistency, appearance and efficiency, the mechanical characteristics of hardened concrete (compressive and bending resistances) and increase its durability against environmental factors and greatly reduce the permeability of concrete. FineGel series products are designed to achieve a waterproof concrete system, so that the active chemicals in their formulation combine with free lime and moisture in the capillary channels and internal pores of concrete and form insoluble crystalline complexes. These insoluble crystals block the capillary pores and shrinkage cracks (up to 0.5 mm) inside the concrete to prevent further water penetration, even under pressure. However, concrete allows steam to pass through this strong structure so that in the event of a fire in the environment, it is possible to release energy to prevent the concrete from exploding.

It is necessary to explain that it is possible to present this product in the form of slurry and gel as well as different concentrations for the specific cases and applications of each customer.

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Parsman super waterproofing agent from the FineGel series of products.


Parsman super waterproofing agent from the FineGel series of products.