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Concrete retarders
Concrete retarders

Concrete retarders

Parsman Chemical’s unit of slow-hardening concrete products improve the mechanical characteristics of concrete by controlling setting time and creating efficiency. Retardants make it easier to pour concrete and polish surfaces by creating a controlled delay in the setting of mortar and concrete and preventing its hardening. The use of retarders is recommended for concreting in hot temperature conditions, bulk concreting and transporting or storing fresh concrete for a long time. Concrete retarding admixtures are organic materials or a combination of organic and inorganic materials that are added to the mixture to maintain the efficiency of concrete or fresh mortar. Strict compliance with executive instructions and accuracy in measuring consumption amounts are of great importance, because there is always a risk of not getting stuck due to excessive consumption of retarding admixtures. These concrete admixtures have delayed the process of obtaining short-term mechanical resistance of concrete, but after 5 and 7 days of life, the strength growth is compensated and in most cases, relaxation in the setting process leads to better resistance results and the production of products with less porosity than samples It does not contain concrete admixtures.

concrete retarding admixture products® ParsmanChemical
Concrete retarder with the property of increasing long-term strength
Strong retarder with delayed setting of concrete