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S-plus special foam concrete supplement

Parsman Chemical Technical and Engineering Unit, the leading producer of all kinds of chemical and mineral admixtures for concrete, cement and mortar, with detailed laboratory and workshop investigations of the structure and characteristics of fume of fresh and hardened concrete as well as evaluating the performance of each of its components, produces It has made a special powder supplement for use in the foam mixing plan of common concretes in the country. This product, which is offered under the title of S-plus special supplement, has been designed and formulated in order to improve the finished quality of foam concrete used in flooring and slopes.

This product, which has reached the stage of mass production and sale after numerous laboratory and workshop tests, is based on modified minerals and organic materials that are approximately set in the range of cement grading.

The special supplement S-plus, which was designed as an innovative product for the first time in the country for use in concrete foam, together with the company’s liquid foam concrete products (Foamix AE-240 and Foamix AE-220), has the following special properties for constructed floors.



provided with foam concrete

▪︎Significant increase in resistance

▪︎Reduces drying shrinkage

▪︎Significant reduction of surface cracks

▪︎Improving the finished appearance of the floor

▪︎Reducing the drying time of surfaces

▪︎Better pumpability of concrete foam

▪︎Without the slightest negative impact on the volume of the foam

▪︎Improving the bubble breaking condition of concrete foam

▪︎Excellent and uniform distribution throughout the texture of foam concrete

▪︎Improving the technical characteristics of fresh concrete foam, such as specific weight, viscosity, flow, etc.


How to use:

10 percent by weight of cement is prepared from S -plus supplement (usually two 15 kg bags or one 25 kg bag) and after deducting the same amount from the design cement, it is added to the mixer. In other words, the amount of cement consumed is reduced by the same amount of S-plus supplement. It is better to add the supplement to the mixer while adding cement. The mixing time, the amount of water used and the input foam for the concrete foam design have not changed and are similar to the normal concrete foam. In fact, the settings of the device do not change. It should be noted that all these valuable materials are transferred into the mixer and there is no waste.



The dosage recommended by the manufacturer is between 8 and 12 percent by weight of cement, which is replaced by this amount of design cement. Also, the optimal dosage is 10%.



This product can be packed in 25 kg bags, 15 kg bags and also 500 kg bags at the customer’s request.



This product should be kept and stored away from moisture and under temperature conditions of 5 to 40 degrees Celsius according to the cement storage conditions.