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Concrete plasticizers

Parsman Chemical concrete plasticizer admixture is a useful and economical substance based on polycarboxylate ether, which is added to the concrete mixture due to increasing efficiency and reducing concrete water.

These products are based on polycarboxylate ether, an admixture with multiple functions, which, in addition to reducing the water content of concrete, will maintain the effectiveness of concrete and delay setting. Economical concrete plasticizer based on polycarboxylate ether is one of the products of this category of plasticizers. Parsman Chemical’s N-130 product is one of the products of this category, which are made according to the Iranian national standard number 2930. These types of concrete softeners are very strong water reducers and increase the efficiency of concrete. They also increase the short and long-term resistance of concrete. The use of concrete plasticizer significantly reduces the amount of cement consumption. This type of product is free of any corrosive substances.

Concrete plasticizer codeThe products of Parsman chemical concrete plasticizer


Modified plasticizer based on lingosulfonate. Water-reducing.

With the property of high maintaning the slump.


Economical plasticizer based on polycarboxylate ether.

Super water-reducing.